About Moi


[fee-bee] noun

Girlboss entrepreneur, kick-ass author, self-love enthusiast, best-life coach, biz-strategy-beast, heavy-lifter and heavy-hitter, first-time mama, breathwork facilitator, gym owner, dream chaser, patriarchal nightmare, bubble-tea investor and heart-centred advocate for women creating their dream life.

Wondering how I got here? Here's the scoop:


Growing up was chaotic for me. We went through it all; commission housing and church food donations. We were broke, miserable and every day was a struggle. I decided young that this life wasn't my cup of tea and I wouldn't be carrying the torch. I knew there could be joy in every single day and I started to develop a mindset for making it happen. 

Living in this environment I learnt the skill of staying level-headed in the midst of a challenge. Working through so much, I built an untamed confidence: the kind that didn't need a certain body, title or anyone else's approval to exist. I realised these skills were special when time after time I was the go-to in my circles for a new perspective, help rebuilding a burnt confidence or finding happiness in life's usual mess.  

After years of biz ownership, navigating some ugly relationships and making loads of investments into myself - I finessed my skills and knew they needed to be shared. I have learnt that when you believe in yourself, trust yourself and make decisions balanced with your heart and head, anything is possible.  

I'm obsessed with helping women see their magic, take ownership of their lives and realise they are the gatekeepers to their uncapped success, happiest days and unstoppable confidence. I'm just here to kick the fucking doors down and show you the way.

The nerd stuff:

  • 13 years in the health and fitness industry,¬†I know the in's and out's of helping people make change
  • 13 years of business ownership: ups, downs, strategy, finances, freedom, crying in the shower. I know a thing or two about chasing dreams
  • Tens of thousands of dollars invested into my bank of skills: working with high level coaches and completing courses in health, self love, manifestation, trauma release, mindset and business
  • Accredited Personal Trainer and CrossFit Coach
  • Accredited Breathwork and Meditation facilitator

The special sauce:

  • The gal living her best life that WILL NOT STOP until everyone else is as happy as she is
  • The weird witch who just¬†knows your purpose and personality within 5 minutes of meeting ya
  • The bossy-bish¬†who will build you up, nudge you into your power and celebrate¬†the heck outta ya
  • The hunny¬†ya leanin' on when the sh*t hits the fan and you need someone cool and calm
  • The baddie who's able to feel all the feels that need to be feeled - then make logical, aligned¬†and productive¬†decisions¬†
  • The¬†biz coach who knows how to build a kickass human who builds a magnetic brand so everyone wants a piece

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